Documentaries, research, short stories… these are just some of the films that participate in various adventure short film festivals.

After making our own research, we hesitantly decided to participate in a similar festival but with a different kind of film. Our minds were set on creating a film that would be based on the 24 hours, the everyday life, the routine and mediocrity of a person, whose only though and outlet is adventures and the mountains. Essentially, we wanted the viewer of similar activities to identify with our hero. After all, the idea is based on real life events that more or less anyone who is involved with mountaineering has experienced. So our film, from just an idea, became a fact!

Yet such an idea demands specialized equipment, a large part of which came from sponsorships and not only. Drones, gimbals and high resolution cameras were finally at our disposal and shooting the film was only a matter of time.


With the first snow, filming begun. Our first stop was Parnassos, then Giona and then back to Parnassos. Shooting would wrap up on Mont Blanc, in July 2017.

Our film, titled “24”, was complete!

Today’s scourge or the soul’s weakness? 24 hours in the life of an ordinary man that moves through imposed “musts” and the monotonous beat of his everyday life, always dancing on the fine line between reality and imagination. But what is real and what is not?

A film dedicated to all of those who were told they can’t and they did. To all of those whose soul screams louder than the mind and heart.

A film dedicated to the human spirit. To you!