Photography. A hobby or a profession?

It was 1992, at just 15 years old, when I entered the studio of a then well-known photographer. I could say it was love at first sight. Not before I left his studio had I already decided what I would study.

A hobby that did not become a hobby… on the contrary, my profession ended up being my hobby! Sometimes things begin the other way around and that is what makes them more interesting and even more passionate!

On the other hand… who wants to be a good photographer and just make it their hobby when you can be a professional photographer full of intensity, passion, obsession for the result and an undeniable compulsion for perfection! 99% of people think that professional photography is merely trips and adventures and overlook the fact that it is indeed very hard and demanding work!

When you walk out the door and go for a shoot, no one will put up with excuses like bad weather, poor
lighting or broken equipment. All you have to do is be a professional…

Be yourself!